It dates back to the time since the first films were made in India. Bollywood Films must have song and dance and a large number of dance styles have been enfolded into it. These dances might include Indian classical dance forms like Kathak, Bharath Natyam , Kuchi Pudi. Although these influences continue today , they seem to have become mixed with many more modern dance styles and have at times become unrecognisable as to their origins. It is a mixture of numerous other styles including belly dancing, various forms of Indian folk dances, Western popular, jazz , hip-hop and freestyle dancing. In true sense the term ‘Bollywood’ refers to the Indian culture, art and film industry from Bombay (Mumbai), India. In my belief “Bollywood Dance is a dance of self expression and drama” and we as dancers should “keep moving with the rhythm of bollywood music.” - Mili Seth, Choreographer, Bollywood Beats Click the video on the right side to see the Bollywood Dance Divas in Action.