Introducing the Artist and Choreographer of the Bollywood Beats

Mili Seth and the Bollywood Beats

How it all began

Mili Seth, the choreographer and founder of the academy, is a trained Kathak dancer and started learning Kathak at the age of 8 years. She had a tremendous passion for free style dancing on music from bollywood films. Her carreer as a  choreographer started when she got the opportunity to train kids for dance shows at  cultural events in schools.

She professionally  started dance sessions in November 2010. Her first public performance was with UNITAS at Festival of colors. Since then there was no looking back. She wanted the young generation to have a feel of the Bollywood Music and she formed an Academy, the Bollywood Beats.

She has taken bollywood dance workshops in various primary and secondary schools in Dublin. Currently, she is involved with a special needs group in St. John of God Mennie Services and providing bollywood dance classes for them.

She has  lived in Ireland for over 17 years now and although having an Information Technology background, has always had a passion for dance for which she has achieved several awards , both at school and college level. She  continues  to follow her passion for dancing and currently conduct dance classes  based on music from Bollywood Films.

The Academy

The Academy not only focuses on teaching dance but also on the real performances across Dublin and nearby cities. You can pursue your passion for dance here and can live your dream for performances.  There is enormous amount of passion for bollywood dance in this academy. This for all age group and everyone can enjoy the beats of the bollywood music. 

Join in to feel the rhythm and passion of bollywood music.